Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm On Facebook

So, I've started a Facebook Page because that's the thing to do! Please "like" my page and then share with me in the comment section if you have an unschooling related page and I will "like" you back! :-)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dig It!


Every Tuesday, Sharpshooter trains in this gym! Pretty rockin' gym, huh? And yes, we have it all to ourselves. And yes, Baby Leonidas is about to give me a heart attack! 

Body Vitals at Science Center

Today we went to see the Body Vitals exhibit at the Science Center. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed. It was incredible!! Although, somehow the kids were able to name a food that they thought every internal organ looked liked. Gross! 


After the exhibit, Sharpshooter talked the girls into playing airsoft! LOL! 

Valentines Painting Class

Sharpshooter got in touch with his softer side today and painted me a beautiful canvas! 

Mardi Gras

We made a homemade king cake and mardi gras mask!